coverdesign vpro tv guide, theme `new energy'(2007, franka waaldijk)

coverdesign vpro tv guide (design contest, theme `new energy')

2007 ~ 21,5 x 28,5 cm ~ digital


Next to painting, drawing and sculpting I'm also active in other areas. Since 2008 I write about art on my blog franka waaldijk visual artist. About art and art contemplation I also write in Dutch on my blog Beeld en Wereld.

The pages diverse work show some other disciplines. (Semi)digital designs, photo-collages & photographs and mosaics.

I like to do a variety of commissions, a selection can be found under commissions.

Under Trijntje Fop you can find almost 200 illustrated poems, on art and nature. Lightverse in the style of Kees Stip (with some more frills), and lots of background added to the illustrations.

Finally, mathematics is my site on topology and foundations of mathematics. Since 2011 I also write a math & science & philosophy blog.



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