arrow of time symposium 2011

the Arrow of Time (ads and posters)

2011 ~ 84 x 119 cm ~ poster, Radboud University Nijmegen, IMAPP


Commissions are inspiring, and the results often exceed the sum of expectations. Therefore I like to do commissions, from large spatial work to modest graphical designs. The end result of a commission can be freely bought by the patron, no obligatory purchase. See my commission terms.

If you have something in mind, contact me -no strings attached- to see if together we can arrive at something special. So far I've made a large light-object for Tangoschool El Corte (Nijmegen), a mural mosaic, a number of paintings, some murals, a bronze sculpture, some large photograph collages, and several graphic designs and illustrations (Radboud University, Ministry of Transportation & Water Management, several paramedic practices, birth cards for private persons).

Colour and imagination, can we do without? The ability and longing to create forms and colours touches our soul. I see my assignment as an artist to strengthen this soul connection. My concern is with the deeper layers of reality and our experience thereof. When someone is touched on that level, the artwork is a true enrichment, in the non-material sense.

An artist therefore always has an independent assignment as well (next to the commission), which needs a certain freedom of operation. The patron remains of royal importance. A painting only comes alive when it is appreciated by someone on the right level. The input and feed-back of the patron provide for inspiration and refinement. On this basis one arrives at deepening, moving commissions which satisfy both patron and artist.



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