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dance of life iv (painting by franka waaldijk)

dance of life iv

2010-2015 ~ 40 x 30 cm ~ acrylic, ink and plastics on board



horses, trees (painting by franka waaldijk)

horses, trees

1985-2013 ~ 25 x 47 cm ~ gouache and acrylic on cardboard



night animal (painting by franka waaldijk)

night animal

1984-2005 ~ 60 x 80 cm ~ acrylic on wood



deluge (painting by franka waaldijk)


2006 ~ 70 x 105 cm ~ acrylic on board



deluge and gods lamb (painting by franka waaldijk)

deluge and gods lamb

1986 ~ 60 x 100 cm ~ alkyd, oil paint on plaster board



deluge (painting by franka waaldijk)


1989 ~ 21 x 30 cm ~ acrylic and tooth paste on board



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