commission terms and conditions


Below you find a list of the usual terms and conditions which apply to commissions that I undertake. These conditions are a guideline, for individual commissions specific terms and conditions will be specified in writing.


  1. The artist checks if he has enough feeling to realize an inspired commission.

  2. The artist makes a proposal (for large commissions always in writing) with a cost specification (materials, expenses and price for the result)

  3. The realization of the commission is reasonably autonomous, meaning that the artist can make artistic choices and decisions, without consulting the commissioner.

  4. At regular times there is consultation with the commissioner, usually feedback is inspiring and necessary.

  5. The commissioner pays for materials and expenses, for large commissions in advance. These costs are specified and documented by the artist.

  6. The end result is for sale to the commissioner (no mandatory buy, so take it or leave it). The price is as laid down in the written proposal.

  7. During the realization of the commission, additional wishes of the commissioner can usually be accommodated. If these wishes cost extra time, a new price proposal is made.

  8. In case of sale, the commissioner will continue to take good care of the commission. the commissioner will let the artist take pictures of the realized commission on its destined location.

  9. On the commission's destined location the name of the artist will (somewhere) be displayed [not for private commissions].

  10. All image, copy- and author's rights remain with the artist. the commissioner is free to use pictures of the commission for promotion of its location, as long as the artist's name is displayed alongside every intentional image of the commission.

  11. If the commissioner decides not to buy the end result, the commission is free for the artist to sell / hire out / other to other parties.



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