Welcome to my page with a variety of links to art-related sites that I find worthwhile. If you would like to see a link here, please mail me.


The UnitAcademie (Nijmegen) helps young people with artistic talent, who for some reason have difficulties in regular (art) education. The academy counts many participants with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
Beautiful museum, with many works by one of my favourite artists: Vincent van Gogh.
Super database of European art up until halfway through the 19th century.
I mainly visit to see the Rembrandts (Jewish bride, Staalmeesters,...). What the renovated museum is like I will discover in the coming months, since I don't want to miss the `Late Rembrandt' show (feb-may 2015).
Magnificent museum, with informative site.
Museum with beautiful romanesque sculpture. Unknown but very much worth the trouble.
This site of the University of Michigan has loads of links to unexpected and very good sources. Many links have expired, alas.
Nice gallery in Zevenaar, with a lot of work in stock, and art lease facilities.
SLAK provides workspaces (studios) and housing for artists and cultural initiatives in the province of Gelderland. Over 1000 artists work or live in a facility provided by SLAK, I among them. SLAK also houses creative-industry outfits, theatre groups, festival organisations, galleries and the like.
Special web initiative offers all artists a free website with handy tools. A lot of Dutch artists have a site here (as do I: www.fwaaldijk.exto.nl). The quality varies a lot, but that has its charm too.
My personal blog on art and all things related.
My art-poetry blog (in Dutch) with some 200 illustrated trijntjefop poems. Lots of art, art history and links.
Notes from the classes `Beeld en Wereld' that I taught at the UnitAcademie (see above); since 2012 a personal blog about art in Dutch context.
State cultural guide in the German state Nordrhein-Westfalen. Many artists have a lemma, searchable by discipline.
Modest, nicely designed portal, with many artist portfolio's.
Nice and well-sorted shop for art supplies.
Good shop for art supplies (also many beads) in Nijmegen.



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